4 Amazing Benefits of Visiting a Day Spa

Posted: August 25, 2017 By: Comment: 0

A busy lifestyle has become routine in today’s society, and the importance of relaxation cannot be understated. Day spas exist for women and men to break away – even if only for a couple of hours – to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Check out these benefits of visiting a day spa:

Relax your body

Your body needs time to re-energise. Gone are the days of a full 8-hours of uninterrupted sleep every night in a tranquil environment. Now we deal with cell phones vibrating at night, and falling asleep on laptops that substitute as a pillow. When last have you really switched off?

Your body needs time to recuperate, and when you have to deal with a stressful job, driving children around and keeping up appearances with friends and family, your body will eventually let you know that it’s taking strain. Tense muscles, tension headaches and exhaustion have no place in your life – they stifle productivity and concentration. Book yourself in for a massage and feel the stress melt away. Allow your muscles to relax as your body unwinds and regains the energy you desperately need.

Mental escape

The brain is also known as the ‘muscle of thinking’ and it takes just as much strain as your body. A spa that prioritises relaxation and rejuvenation will provide you with the opportunity to focus your mind on something more important than answering emails or returning calls. This your chance to focus on yourself and retain your sanity.

Your mind is powerful, and it requires some downtime to operate at optimum performance. By setting aside a few hours a month to immerse yourself in essential oils, listen to soft music and experience a healing touch, your mind won’t be feeling frazzled or overwhelmed but instead, calm and organised. Remember – you cannot be the best ‘you’ for everyone else if you don’t look after yourself.

A cost-effective break

As much as we would like to pack our bags and escape to a tropical island in the middle of the week, it’s not always practical or affordable. If you’ve been to a day spa before, you’ll know that the moment you step inside, it feels like a different world – you may as well have landed in Bali or Mauritius. Enjoying a break is good for your mind, body and soul, and visiting a day spa means that you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve complete Zen.

Walk out looking good

Day spas are perfect for re-energising your mind and body from top to toe, inside and out. Massages, facials, manicures and pedicures – the list goes on – all contribute to you feeling and looking good. The relaxation your feel seeps through your muscles into your mind and leaves you feeling relaxed, confident and more energetic, which makes anyone look amazing.

Vanilla Face and Body Spa offers a space where you can unwind and enjoy time away from your daily stressful routine. Make a booking and experience a tranquil, soothing environment.