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Updates to LiLash products

LiLash has been banned in Australia by the Department of Health. There’s no need to stress though, Vanilla Spa stocks the #1 Alternative: Long Lash Eyelash growth serum.

The #1 Alternative

Long Lash Eyelash growth serum is a safe alternative developed in Australia still delivering powerful and beautiful results without the side effects of LiLash serum! It’s a terrific serum that helps nourish and repair your lashes. You’ll have longer, thicker and healthier lashes in 4 to 8 weeks, with full results in 12 weeks.


Who will benefit from using Long Lash serum?

  • Anyone who has eyelash extensions
  • Anyone who has short, stumpy lashes
  • Anyone with damaged, brittle lashes
  • Anyone with pale, thin lashes
  • Anyone with sparse lashes
  • Anyone who is menopausal
  • Anyone who is prone to pulling out their lashes


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See below information of the American product LiLash – which is now banned in Australia.

What is LiLash?

LiLash is a purified eyelash serum, created to redefine how long, lush lashes can transform your look. Formulated by a physician, LiLash safely and effectively enhances the length and curl of natural eyelashes.

In as little as 4-8 weeks, you can grow your own natural eyelashes with stunning length!

LiLash’s award-winning advanced formula has remained unchanged since its pioneering introduction in 2007.

•       Ophthalmologist tested

•       Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

•       No parabens

•       Never tested on animals

How does it work?

LiLash conditions and fortifies lash follicles, leading to stronger lashes and less lash breakage.

Use once daily on clean, dry skin at night or in the morning. Apply the serum just above the lash line of the upper eyelid, similar to liquid eyeliner. Wait three minutes before using other cosmetics.

As results progress, simplicity is introduced into your daily beauty routine. You will need fewer coats of mascara and will produce greater length, curl and separation, with less clumping. If you have eyelash extensions, you can stop using them all together or if you choose to keep them you will also experience less natural lash breakage and greater extension support, allowing you to enjoy your extensions for longer.

Visit the #LiLashWorks photo gallery to see real results from LiLash users

Watch the LiLash video to see how it works

Watch the LiLash Q&A Video

LiBrow for Eyebrows

Coming soon to our online and in-store shop, LiBrow restores thin or sparse eyebrows. With a purified formula that is chemical-free and with no harsh dyes, LiBrow is safe for sensitive skin. Librow also contains a natural tint to keep your brows looking their best.

Vanilla Face & Body Spa is an official stockist of LiLash and LiBrow, each priced at $99 for a LiLash or LiBrow Demi 2ml tube, which is at least a 3-month supply. Postage Australia wide (contact us for international postage), pick up in-store or via our drive through service.

Don’t be fooled is your LiLash or LiBrow Authentic?

Look for the Hologram and Black Packaging.

When you use the best in class beauty product, people will try to replicate the magic. We want you to only buy authentic LiLash and avoid fake LiLash for your safety and results!

Don’t be fooled!

As an official LiLash stockist, we take pride in our quality physician-formulated formula. To ensure that you are getting the results you expect from LiLash, LiLash have developed a solution to ensure you are receiving authentic product.  LiLash’s new foiled stamp allows anyone purchasing the product to confidently authenticate the piece on the spot.

Plain and simple, if it doesn’t have a hologram or numbered security emblem with our LiLash logo, don’t trust it.

Tips for Avoiding Counterfeits:

Look for the new Authentication Hologram or Numerical Hologram label located on every box of LiLash & LiBrow.

The RRP of LiLash brand products is $80 USD / $108 AUD, at Vanilla we sell a lot of LiLash serums so we buy in bulk from the official LiLash manufacture saving on postage so we pass our savings on to you and offer LiLash and LiBrow slightly below RRP at $99 AUD. If the price seems too good to be true elsewhere, it is.

This is a sample of packaging below that is proven to be counterfeit. This packaging is over 4 years old. Do not purchase this packaging.  An authorised stockist or retail distributor will not have this packaging any longer: