Exfoliating Body Treatments

Body treatments are as essential for your body as a facial is for your face. Any of our Vanilla body treatments will leave your entire skin feeling energised, refreshed and silky smooth. We exfoliate our face regularly, but how often do we give the same love and care to the rest of our skin. It is just as important to cleanse, exfoliate and moisture our entire body as it is to do to our face.

Coconut Crush (Allow 75 mins) $220

The body treatment begins with a coconut footbath before an invigorating full body exfoliation that removes impurities and leaves you with soft, smooth skin. The coconut salts are then gently washed away with water therapy using our Vichy Shower. The treatment concludes with a full body coconut and vanilla moisturisation for intense hydration.

See also our Coconut Cocoon under packages.

Himalayan Body Buff (Allow 75 mins) $215

This body treatment starts by experiencing our ritual footbath before an energising full body exfoliation using our coarsest exfoliator, Himalayan salts. Aromatic oils are applied to the body, then Himalayan salts, cleanse and purify. Refresh with water therapy using our Vichy shower, this treatment washes away the stresses of the outside world. Finally, the treatment concludes with a full body moisturisation.

+ Why not extend your treatment by adding a massage? Ask Reception on (08) 9245 2618

Organic Contour Wrap (Allow 75 mins) $225

Detoxify and rejuvenate your body with this stimulating and exfoliating treatment. Our Australian Native Mud wrap includes organic ingredients, which not only help in increasing cellular metabolism and detoxification, but also assists the skin in absorbing powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins, leaving skin smoother and more supple. The treatment includes a facial cleanse and is finished off with moisturisation to the body and face.

+ Add a massage to assist in the removal of toxins using our organic aromatic massage oil
(Allow a total of 90 mins) $250.

Body Treatment Add Ons

Hair Masque + $20

You can add a hair masque to any of the body treatments for $20 to care for your hair as well as your body.

Private Steam Room  (Add 15 mins) +$35

Add your private steam room before your treatment to relax and assist your detox

At Vanilla we offer full body treatments to leave your skin soft, smooth and supple. As the skin is the body’s largest organ it is important to care for it through exfoliation, moisturisation and even body masks to remove impurities. Book one of our exfoliation, mud or wrap treatments today and you can expect to experience an increase in your skins cellular metabolic energy and detoxification as well as the absorption of the powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins from our Australian Native Mud treatments and our organic New Zealand oils and creams.

Combine one of our refreshing exfoliation treatments with a body wrap or mud treatment for an added boost. Our organic contour wrap uses Australian Native Mud that includes organic ingredients, enhancing the texture and elasticity of your skin. Mud body wraps are detox treatments that help the body to get rid of toxins by drawing out impurities in the skin and also increases the skins cellular metabolic energy. A great way to enhance the result of a body wrap is to add a massage to your treatment, which will complement and enhance the effects of the wrap by assisting in the draining of toxins through the lymphatic system.

Why not even enjoy a treatment package with a friend or loved one? We have a range of exfoliating and moisturising treatments for two.

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