Perth’s Luxury Massage Packages


There are a few things as relaxing as getting a massage, apart from one of our treatment packages. If you’ve been stressed out, working too hard and are left with a body full of tense muscles, book your massage today. Even if you feel like you just want to unwind or need to treat those sore muscles after a strenuous session at the gym, a massage at Vanilla Face & Body in Scarborough, Perth will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised and ready to take on the next challenge.

All Vanilla treatments of 60 minutes or more include a ritual footbath, if you prefer not to have a footbath, please specify at the time of booking.  Massages also cannot be given in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy – please let our staff know if this affects you.

Swedish Massage


This is the most common type of massage known and practiced in the Western World. Your qualified massage therapist can adjust the level of pressure applied from a light relaxing to more of a medium pressure to work on any muscle issues you are experiencing. Our Swedish massage uses a plain unscented oil that doesn’t contain any nuts and is water dispersible to make removing the oil residue in the shower easy.

Swedish Express Massage (30 mins) $95

30 minute massage. Your choice of area; foot, scalp, legs or back, neck and shoulders.

Swedish Full Body Massage (Allow 60 mins) $155

60 minute full body massage including the back, neck, shoulders, décolletage, arms, legs and feet and a short scalp massage. All of our massages can be customised to avoid certain areas depending on the client’s preference, these can be discussed with your therapist during your footbath.

Swedish Extended Full Body (Allow 90 mins) $230

If 60 minutes of the Swedish Massage feels like it’s not enough, the extended 90 minute massage will be the perfect option for you and allows your therapist to concentrate on any problem areas you have.

Massage Treatments


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is extremely taxing on your body, take care of yourself with one of our specifically designed pregnancy massages. Using products that are safe during pregnancy, they will help to alleviate those aches and pains and can be done weekly after the first 12 weeks all the way through to delivery. Or see under packages for our Great Expectations pregnancy package.

Pregnancy Massage (Allow 60 mins) $155

Available from the start of the 2nd trimester through to delivery.

Hot Rocks Massage

The hot rocks massage is our aromatic massage but also uses heated smooth, flat stones that are placed on specific points on the body to aid with the release of stress and tension. These stones are then used to massage parts of the body and the warmth are extremely comforting. The heat of the stones combined with your choice of heated organic aromatic oil helps to relax the muscles and relief muscle tension. Hot Stone Massages can help for a variety of conditions like back pain, stress and anxiety, poor circulation and arthritis.

Hot Rocks Massage (Allow 90 mins) $240

Organic Aromatherapy Massage


Using the same techniques as the Swedish massage in combination with organic aromatic oils imported from New Zealand not only we you reap the benefits of a wonderfully relaxing massage but also the added benefits of your chosen aromatic oil on the body.

Aromatic Massage (Allow 60 mins) $160

Our ritual footbath is upgraded in the Aromatic massage to include the same organic New Zealand products in the foot scrub and soak as well as the added delight of selecting your heated aromatic oil. Our organic oils are absorbed through the skin during the massage and have different effects like calming, cleansing or energizing, depending on your choice of oil.

Extended Aromatic Massage (Allow 90 mins) $235

Extend your 60 minute aromatic massage to a longer, more relaxing 90 minutes. This also give the therapists more time to work on any problem areas.

Deep Tissue Massage


A deep tissue massage is perfect for muscles with knots and built up tension and can be booked with one of out specialised massage therapists, subject to their availability. Deep tissue massage is a very firm pressure and works on the deeper layers of the muscles, the aim is to remove knots caused by lactic acid and toxins. The length of your massage dictates the amount of time the therapist can spend on any problem areas. Ideally a 90-minute session is recommended to address the full body, as more time is needed to remove knots and tension than that of a standard massage.

Express (30 minutes) $105

Our deep tissue express massage covers your back, neck and shoulders.

Express Full Body (60 minutes) $165

Full body deep tissue massage in a 60 minute timeframe. Our deep tissue specialists can work with you through particular pain points are areas of concern.

Full Body (90 minutes) $240

The 90 minute deep tissue massage is highly recommended to relieve discomfort or pain. Our massage therapists often work with clients who are highly stressed, suffer chronic pain, or muscle tightness.

If you have had a recent injury, please check with your doctor first if massage is suitable, as an inflamed area when massaged will make the area more inflamed and could cause further complications.

*Deep Tissue Specialist Massages. (can only be booked with our deep tissue specialists, therefore subject to availability)

Add on a facial or additional massage?

+ Would you like to add a scrub or facial to one of our massages? See our packages for further options.

Add on a steam treatment

Why not add a 15 minute steam treatment to relax the muscles prior to your massage for only $35. The heat pre-warms the muscles making them more pliable for massage to allow the therapist to remove tension and knots more easily. The steam is also great for your sinuses and perspiration of toxins. The steam treatment is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant, asthmatic, has a heart condition or falls easily.

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