Australian products and ingredients. Australian Certified organic, free from Petroleum.

Shizen’s products have been recognised through a multitude of awards including: 2010 Natural Beauty Awards Best Lip Balm, 2007 Prix De Marie Claire Beauty Awards, 2007 Cleo Best of Beauty Awards, 2006 New Woman Beauty Awards, 2004 New Woman Beauty Awards.

Purchasing a Shizen product is not only good for your skin but also the environment. At Shizen this is how we keep it green and keep it local. Purchasing to purchase. Every time you buy a Shizen product they purchase carbon credits from Greenfleet. This doesn’t cost you any more money, it’s just something they do. And with the money they send to the tree planters at Greenfleet, they plant more trees and help offset carbon emissions and assist with bush regeneration. Every time they order something they recycle, – paper, cardboard, magazines, printer cartridges, everything they possibly can.

At Vanilla we only use Shizen’s lip products in all of our treatments.

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